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Pseudonym reading No en en me if you
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Sculpture
Designated date June 21, 1962
Specified details
quantity One side
location Hiraizumi-cho Hiraizumi character clothing
owner Chusonji Temple
Holding group
Management organization
home page Hiraizumi's cultural heritage


Consecutive Hakusan Kangen Treasures □, with the inscription of Seikei March 4th.
It is one of the ancient music sites of Chuson-ji Temple tradition, and it is a work of the 4 years (1291) of Josei, as understood by the inscription.
It is the oldest extant one in the Noh market of the year.
The use of Katsura wood, the rough side of the back and the carved mouth have a very old-fashioned, rough power, and the face that laughs with good looks has a fresh life, one of the early Noh mask It is extremely valuable as an example that shows a typical example.
This face is later considered to be diverted to the female face, and the inscription of the "young girl" of the composition is inscribed.