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Pseudonym reading Shrimp and salted eggplants of Komagata and Mizusawakoen
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Natural monuments and plants
Designated date March 8, 1966
Specified details
location Chuo Ueno, Higashi Ueno, Mizusawa Ward, Oshu
owner Komagata Shrine Outside
Holding group
Management organization
home page Oshu


The precincts of Komagata Shrine in Mizusawa Ward, Oshu City are covered with many trees including cherry blossoms.
The east side of the park is Mizusawa Park, which has long been known as a hagan cherry blossom spot.
Both are 250 to 300 years old and there are many varieties.
The types of gankan cherry blossoms are edohigan, benihigan, and sinorrhigan, as well as beniyamazakura and somei yoshino.
The characteristics of the ganzakura are that the flowers are smaller than those of the Yamazakura and Somei Yoshino lines, but they bloom earlier.
In addition, although the moxibustion of the cherry other than the higan type cherry has a cylindrical shape, the lower part of the higan type cherry is puffy in the lower part of the cocoon.