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Pseudonym reading Tamayama's Weather
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Natural monuments and plants
Designated date February 15, 1974
Specified details
location Moriyama City Tamayama Ward Tamayama Character Celebration Swamp
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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In addition to ordinary pine types, there are those that become umbrella-shaped, those that become stem-shaped immediately after the root and those that become branches-shaped, and those that are drooping like fern pine.
Yuyama's fern red pine is a completely drooping red pine, a cultivar of the mutated red pine that is extremely rare and valuable.
It is estimated that the root stem is about 3 m, the diameter of the eye is about 2.5 m, the branch is about 10 m in both east and west and north and south, and the age is about 160 years.