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Pseudonym reading Aosaka no Ibuki
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Natural monuments and plants
Designated date April 26, 1977
Specified details
location Tono City Aotomachi Jingumae
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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Ibuki is a beautiful conifer found on the shores of the warm land, and is often used as a garden tree.
This tree species has the habit of producing differently shaped leaves, and usually speaking of ibuki refers to only cypress leaves, those that emit cedar leaves are called bryakins, and those that release both types of leaves are ibukibyakushin It is called.
From these viewpoints, this tree corresponds to ibuquiyakshin.
The root stem is about 2.3 m, the diameter of the eye is 2.3 m, the branch is 9.5 m, and the height is about 7 m.
Because the amount of annual growth is small, it is estimated that it takes about 300 years until now.