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Pseudonym reading Keisei with Fujisa
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date December 24, 1963
Specified details
location Oshu-shi Esashi-ku, Fujiri-ji Ishinada
owner Kuji
Holding group
Management organization
home page Iwate Prefecture Tourism Association (Silicified trees in Fujisato)


There is a hill called Atagoyama in the south of the Makuuchi district of Fujisato, Esashi-ku, Oshu.
At the top of this hill is Atago Shrine, and about 15 meters away from the back of the temple, there is a silicified tree at the top of the steep cliff facing the Itegawa River.
Geology in the vicinity of Fujisato consists of sandy tuff covered with an Andesite pebbles called Tertiary Inase Formation (belonging to the Neogene Miocene and formed about 15 million years ago), and is silicified. The trees are buried standing in this.
It is estimated that currently only about 4 m (1.3 m in diameter) of the tip of the main trunk and over 10 m in total length.
The species is sekoia megi, which is said to have formed large forests throughout Japan during the Tertiary.
This silicified tree is the largest and upright stem next to the reeded silicified tree in the prefecture and is valuable.