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Pseudonym reading Please come and enjoy
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Sculpture
Designated date July 10, 2009
Specified details
quantity One boat
location Morioka City Ueda Matsuyashiki Iwate Prefectural Museum
owner Religious corporation Gensh 寺 ji
Holding group
Management organization
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Image height 27.5 cm.
It was recognized as a (old) important art object on July 6th, 1944 (1944) on the Buddha image of Genshou Temple Edo, and in 1959 it became a designated tangible cultural property in Iwate Prefecture.
It is plated in copper and has burns on the left finger and both ankles.
In addition, the left hem is cut off obliquely, and the right hem is also cut off obliquely and there is a burnout.
From the smiling face, from the rose to the chest, to the decoration under the chest, to the vertical band, it is well-balanced, excellent in contrast beauty, and gives the characteristics of the early Nara period.
It is in common with the Zen statue of the Horyuji Kindo mural, such as the style of clothing and designs of accessories. Buddha's style from the first to the middle of China's early and middle Tang is valuable as an example showing how it is received and absorbed in Japan.
It is one of the representative examples of the ancient gilded Buddha located in the Tohoku region.