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Pseudonym reading Ms.
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date September 4, 1992
Specified details
location Miyako-shi Tashiro Aosakasato
owner Country
Holding group
Management organization
home page Miyako-shi (sightseeing information)


Sanno Rock is lined with drum rock, male rock and female rock from the south.
Both male and female rock are composed of the Raga layer of the Miyako Group consisting of boulders in the lowermost part of the Miyako Group, and the Shigeru calcareous sandstone layer of the Shimooitai layer.
Male rock (approximately 50 m in height) is a large stone pillar consisting of the Raga layer in the lower two-fifths from the bottom and the three in the lower three-fives from the upper part of the Shiga sandstone layer.
The female rock (approximately 23 m high) is composed of the Raga layer on the foot and the Shigeru sandstone layer on the upper, while the drum rock (approximately 17 m high) is a boulder composed of the Shigeru sandstone layer.
The landscape created by the drum-shaped male rock, the pointed female rock, and the drum-shaped rock seen from the male rock is unusual, and the Cretaceous geology Miyako Group is clearly outcropped with large stone pillars Are valuable.