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Pseudonym reading Toho-no-Okawa
Specified type Country selection
Type Important cultural landscape
Designated date March 28, 2008
Specified details
quantity 14,161.4 ha
location Tono Town Tono-cho, Tsukuha Ushicho
owner Arakawa Makino agricultural cooperative association others
Holding group
Management organization
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Kunio Yanagida's “Tono Monogatari” shows the actual conditions of life and work of people living in Tono, and in particular, depicts unique cultural landscapes related to nature, religion, and customs.

The Arakawa Kogen Ranch, located in the northeastern part of Tono City, is a representative landscape area for "horse farm" that forms the starting point of "Tono Monogatari", and uses a meadow that extends to the semi-plain around Hayaike Mine mountain We show the way of the land use about unique grazing based on "Natsuyama Tousuri method" that has been continuously run as a key industry of