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Pseudonym reading A form of communication
Specified type Country registration
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date March 13, 2008
Specified details
quantity 1,922 points
location Rikuzentakata City Takadacho
owner Rikuzentakata City
Holding group
Management organization
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Rikuzentakata's fishing gear is a fishing gear that has been used in the Hirota Peninsula located in the southern part of the Sanriku Coast and its surrounding areas, and it is particularly useful to understand the state of fishing since modern times.

Utensils are roughly divided into "fish collection equipment", "fishing equipment", "net fishing equipment", "manufacturing processing and aquaculture equipment", etc., and the fishing equipment in this area is almost covered.
Equipment is collected from the Meiji period to the 1940s, and besides the equipment transmitted from other areas, there are also the abalone which was devised in this area and transmitted to the surroundings, and it is possible to know the transition of fishery technology since modern times it can.
In addition, it is 1,922 points now because 123 points out of the total 2,045 points at the time of registration leaked due to the Great East Japan Earthquake tsunami.