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The former Nan Mr. Bettei Garden is located on the right bank of Nakatsugawa, north of Morioka city area. In the early part of the Edo period, there was an “Oyakuen” garden in Morioka, but after the abolition of the garden, a palace and garden were built, and it became a villa place for generations of lords. The buildings were demolished after the Meiji Restoration, and the gardens were devastated, but in 1908 (1908), the wooden house and garden that remained until now were maintained by the 43rd generation of the Southern House, the Toshi, who is the Toshi.
The garden, built on a flat land adjacent to Atagoyama, is centered on a large pond on which three Nakajimas float, and around the ponds and Nakajimas are arranged trees with various designs such as lanterns, pines, and maples. There is.
It has been remodeled several times, and although part of the garden has been lost after World War II, Edo period drawings and other figures still remain, and it is possible to follow the transition.
As mentioned above, the former southern part mansion garden is a significant example that contributed to the development of landscape culture in the Tohoku region since the Edo period.