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Nanchangso is built on the river terrace of the Kitakami River left bank in the south of Morioka city area in 1885 (1885) as a mansion Segawa (Segawa) Yasugoro (Yasugoro) residence, and the garden is 1887 (1887). It is said that Morioka's gardener created the garden by then. The garden is located on the south side of the main house, and skillfully takes a gentle slope from the main house to the southeastern part where the pond fountain spreads, and can see the whole garden on the mezzanine floor of the main indoors By placing the (Ma), it is designed with emphasis on sitting and watching. Ikesen can go on tour around the park, and a tea room "Yu Yusen" is built on the parkside on the west pond side. It can also be seen in the Morioka City (Morioka Shikichi) location map (Meisaizu) (issued in 1894) in the open space in front of the main house. Takasago pines are planted. The main building was remodeled and remodeled in the late Meiji period and early Showa period, but the space configuration at the time of the gardening depicted in "Morioka city practical specification map" remains well.
This garden leaves space configuration at the time of gardening based on different ornamental methods such as Ikesen Yuu and seating from the main house well, and it is still used as a place of cultural activities by the citizens, etc. It is a significant example that has contributed to the development of landscape culture in the Morioka region.