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Pseudonym reading ま き お う は は か く
Specified type Country registration
Type Registered tangible cultural property
Designated date March 27, 2018
Specified details
quantity 1 building
location Hanamaki Yumoto
owner Hanamaki Onsen Co., Ltd.
Holding group
Management organization
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Hanamaki Onsen is a large resort area that opened in Taisho 12 and Matsuunkaku was founded in Taisho 13 in its founding period.
The annex is a large two-story wooden inn built in 1955, with 55.5 meters of beams and 16.3 meters between beams, with a small entrance to the south Komenya and the right.
The roof is covered with red glaze glazed flower tiles, and there are also many rooms such as rooms and bathrooms at the Showa store in 1959.
The scenery of the past of Hanamaki Onsen is told well now.