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Tetsugorin's Tochirin

Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Craft
Designated date June 6, 1980
Specified details
location Ichinoseki City Hanasencho Atsushi Character Center
owner Aizu Hachiman Shrine
Holding group
Management organization
home page Iron Olympics Tower Ring (Tetsugorin and Uchirin) (Ichineki City)


There are casting and inscriptions on the 5th of February, 5th.
106.0 cm.
78.2 cm in height.
It is the ground ring part of the cast square Olympics tower, and it is deleted more than the top plate.
The two Amitabha dogs that are opposite to each other are cast in a line-like manner, and the inscriptions are cast on both sides.
The essay is a sentence.
Open a square window at the bottom center.
Inscription (right side) right 墾 類 類 緑 衆 四 余 從 六 六 六 □ □ 素 素 施 施 誠 誠 誠 □ □ 丈 尺 一尺□ Olympic tower □ An □ □ □ Road □ Kareshi □ □ (following five lines omitted) (left side) Yawabeki metamorphic 躰 躰 拝 拝 仁 何 □ □ □ □ 結 緇 以下 以下 (following 6 Bunsei 5 years Taisei February 廿 5 years 辰 進 弥 信 鎌 鎌 鎌 鎌, Kamakura era president six years (1254) forty-five senior members have proposed to build, and get the power of the monks It was an Olympic tower completed in 1268 (1268) and its height was a one-to-one scale tower.
At present, only the lowermost ground ring is left, but it is a grand one that exceeds 1 m, and it is the largest in Japan's iron Olympic towers, and may be cast on the whole.