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Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Craft
Designated date June 27, 1996
Specified details
quantity 2 territories
location Morioka City Central Public Hall
owner Morioka
Holding group
Management organization
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(White background, Tengu carpet fleece) Length 104.1 cm 裄 62.0 cm
(緋 緋 合 羽) Total length 110.0 cm Total length 67.5 cm
Hanbori is a long-haired Chinese-made Tengu carpet, which is only a few of which remains in Japan.
Awa is a European-made fabric, with an exceptionally unique surprise that the sleeves and hem can be removed, and the influence of European clothing is concentrated on the gold malls that decorate the buttons and edges.
It is valuable as a piece of clothing full of ingenuity of the Japanese people at the time of showing the actual situation of foreign interests in the early modern period. (Momoyama period)