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Pseudonym reading Iwate-ken-ma-ken-me-se-ku
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date June 28, 1994
Specified details
quantity Bulk
location Ichinohe
owner Ichinohe
Holding group
Management organization
home page Ichinohe Town (visiting cultural assets in Ichinohe Town)
Introduction of designated cultural assets of Ichinohe-cho
Iwate Prefectural Museum (Takimae site) <


It is a collective document excavated from the ruins of Ichinohe Town Sakaimae that represent the Kamegaoka culture of the Mabuchi River basin along with the Hachinohe city Shizukawa.
A large amount of relics were discovered during the land preparation work in 1955, but most of the cases are relics collected at this time.
A wide variety of pottery such as deep pots, pots, spouts and incense burners, 158 pieces of earth surface, 2 pieces of earth surface, 3 pieces of turtle-shaped earth products, stoneware such as polished stone coffins, stone products such as astoken The artifacts show the life of the late Jomon period.
Above all, artifacts related to ceremonies and customs, such as curved nose and turtle-shaped earthen products, are noteworthy.
"Surface curved on the nose" is a unique facial expression in which the nose, eyes and mouth are expressed upward to the left and the nose is strongly bent to the left, and various rituals are produced depending on the viewing angle, a ceremonial ritual that covers the mask in the Jomon period It shows that it existed widely.
This remains is an important material for clarifying Kamugaoka culture and mental life.