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Pseudonym reading Iwate Ken Hirai Japanese Language Institute
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date June 29, 2010
Specified details
quantity One batch
location Hiraizumicho Hiraizumi Character Flower Center Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center
owner Hiraizumi
Holding group
Management organization
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This case is a batch of late Heian period artifacts excavated from the Hiraizumi ruins group related to Oshu Fujiwara, such as Shirayama and Izumiya, located in Hiraizumi-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwai-gun. It is extremely valuable in knowing the material culture at the end of Heian period, and it clearly shows the state of consumption and production in the base area of Oshu Fujiwara and distribution of goods at home and abroad during the transition from ancient times to the Middle Ages. The academic value is high.