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Pseudonym reading Iwate Health Insurance (Yanagi no Shosho Shish)
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date June 29, 2010
Specified details
quantity One batch
location Morioka City Ueda Character Matsuyashiki Iwate Prefectural Museum
owner Iwate Prefecture
Holding group
Management organization
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This case is a group of Heian period artifacts excavated from the Yanaginosho Archeological Site (Historical site) among the Hiraizumi archaeological sites located in Hiraizumi-cho, Nishi-Saioi-gun, Iwate Prefecture. It has an extremely important content as a collection of excavated items from the city ruins that represent the actual state of the Fujian Sansei government, which has a diverse relic configuration including a large amount of wooden products including text materials, and that is responsible for Hiraizumi culture.