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Designated country designated, Important cultural property

Type Historical materials
Designated date June 27, 1996
Specified details
location Oshu City Takano Choei Memorial Hall
owner Oshu
Holding group
Management organization
home page Iwate Prefectural Museum
Mizusawa Takano Choei Memorial Hall


58 points Mizusawa-ku, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture (Oshu City Takano Choei Memorial Store)
Nagahide Takano (1804-1850) was from Mizusawa Minato, and he went to Edo to study orchid science and medicine, and then studied under the Siebold in Nagasaki, and then engaged in medical business and research and translation in Edo.
We discussed foreign circumstances with Watanabe Watanabe (Watanabe Kanayama, etc.) from the sense of crisis towards the pressing Western countries, but were caught for critique of the shogunate government (Gansha's prison) and attacked a hideout after the escape from jailbreak I committed suicide.
This material consists of written and translated documents, research and translation materials such as orchid documents, letters, portraits of Tsubaki-chin's brush, etc.

(Edo Period)