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Pseudonym reading Hirake-ri-ban 12 years old, spring, spring
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Historical materials
Designated date June 22, 2001
Specified details
quantity One
location Morioka Industrial High School
owner Iwate Prefecture (Iwate Prefectural Morioka Industrial High School Storage)
Holding group
Management organization
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Total length 281.5 cm,
123.0 cm in full width,
Total height 168.0 cm,
Table length 206.0 cm,
Table width 67.2 cm,
Belt diameter 50.0 cm.

It is a machine tool for flat cutting manufactured by Akabane Working Division of the Ministry of Industry in 1879.
Iwate Prefecture was ordered to be installed at a ship repair center built in Kitakami River, and after being operated there, it was handed over to Iwate Prefectural Industrial High School (predecessor of Morioka Kogyo High School) in 1901 as a training machine .
It is valuable in the industrial development history of our country as a machine tool to convey the actual situation of the early days of Japanese machine industry.
In addition, it is the first national designation as a domestic machine tool.
The actual item is exhibited (is being loaned) to Meijimura in 1969, but a full-sized replica is made in line with the opening of Morioka Technical High School Hyakunenkan in May 2000 (2000). It is displayed as the highlight of