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Pseudonym reading The whole house of Sawa
Specified type Country designation
Type Important tangible folk cultural property
Designated date March 29, 1964
Specified details
quantity One boat
location Nishiwaga-cho Sawauchi Ota
owner Nishiwaga
Holding group
Management organization
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It's a shape-opened wooden house.
5.48 m in length.
Width (maximum) 70 cm.
Depth 35 cm.
Material cedar.
The Wakagawa River which flows north and south in Nishiwakamachi Sawa is inundated, and the revetment construction has been repeated several times since the Shosei period, and there is a tradition that it was used to carry stones during this construction, but it is old It has also been reported that the same type of round kibane was used as a porthole in the same region.
It is extremely rare as a typical thing of the river full-scale kibune that is left in Japan, and in the case of a cedar monolith, it is valuable because it can be said to be the most primitive round (German) xylophone.