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Pseudonym reading How to make it happen
Specified type National treasure
Type Craft
Designated date February 8, 1958
Specified details
location Hiraizumi-cho Hiraizumi character clothing
owner Golden House
Holding group
Management organization
home page Hiraizumi's cultural heritage


Wooden grater panel 1 face spiral flat dust 2 base frame 1 base peacock bun eye 1 face gold copper pier 3 sheets gold bronze flower 6 sheets

【Wooden canopy】
One surface has a diameter of 81.8 cm, a circular light diameter of 59 cm, one surface has a circular light diameter of 52 cm, and one surface has a circular light diameter of 13 cm.
All are wooden lacquered, gilt stamped, and eight flower shaped openwork.

【Wooden wooden board】
It has a height of 15.8 cm and a side of 66.2 cm.

【Draft plan】
The height is 42.7 cm and 42.6 cm respectively.
Each deck length is 25.1, 25.4 cm.
Both sides of the deck are 52.1 cm.
The shape is similar to Kisado interior fixtures, but it is smaller than the one in the storehouse, and one of them is inlaid with the metal fittings of the gold, copper, and silver faucet arabesque weirs.

Height 59.0 cm, width 56.0 cm.
The format is the same as Kisado interior tools.

【Peacock Bunma】
Shoulder width 15.1, foot 16.9 cm.
Cast copper upper edge 3 arcs, lower edge 2 arcs, mountain shape is low.
He sits in the center of a four leaf-shaped central chamber of the eight-leaf stem, and bends one leg to the left and right to cast a peacock sentence.

【Golden wharf】
Height 90.9, 11.6, 9.3 cm respectively.
Rhombus width 29.0, 22.4, 22.4 cm respectively.
It is made of gold and bronze, and is an openwork of the treasure minister and arabesque.

【Golden Flower】
29.3, 29.0, 28.7 cm in length respectively.
Horizontal 32.7, 57.5, 33.3 cm respectively.
A total of six pieces of three kinds, one of which is a bas-relief with a gold-copper fan-shaped scallop carved on the ground of a bas-relief arabesque sentenced watermark, a scallop with a horn and the light background of the mirror plate. Fasten the hooks, and place the four-flowered seat on the four-leaf seat of the fish cage Siohana-karasu-bunsu-bori-joshi-tei tetraza, and hit the long-ring-circumulated cut-piece table.
The other one is 2 sheets, the front plate is pierced, the hair is carved, and only the horns are punched out.
Scorpio is sculpted in the same way as above.
The other two types are as clever as the former, but both figure-like methods are amazing.