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The headwaters of the Kitakami River have various theories such as the Nanashigure Sanroku, Tantogawa, and Nishidake San 麓 theory, but the first class river designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport The source is the spring water of Mifon.


Mido Kannon (Mifon Non) is a Tenki (Tenki) 5 years (1027), a former Yoshie who fought against the Abe (Abe) family in the role of 9 years (All ages) It is said that Shimizu came to this place when she stopped in this land, and said that she came from the fact that she saved Kuan-no-do, thanks to the fact that Shimizu came up and saved the terracotta horse who suffered from the scorching sun.
The Yumi-no-Yu spring in the precinct is the headwater of the Kitakami River, and the flow leaving the area is about 243 km, with a basin area of 12,550 square km, and becomes the largest river in Tohoku in Ishinomaki Bay, Miyagi Prefecture. You


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