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A lot of sea urchins gather in the pleasure boat which goes around the beautiful sea and strange rock of Sanriku. Feeding the sea urchin, along with the view from the ship, is one of the pleasures.


A sea cat is a kind of seagull and is a seabird distributed only in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. The adult bird has a gray back and wings, a black band on the tail feather and a whole body white, and the cry is like a cat.
In Miyako's clear blue beautiful sea, and the island tour course of the tourist boat that goes around various islands and strange rocks, it takes 40 minutes a lap of Hijido Island, which is a natural monument, candle rock, and a tidehole. You can watch it carefully and experience the feeding of sea cats.


Miyako City Hitachi Hamacho

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About 15 minutes by car from JR Miyako Station


Jodogahama Terminal Building
tel. 0193-62-3350
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