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Name Seito Goto
Real name
Death year 1889-1945
Profession Newspaper
Birthplace Ishitogayacho (now Hanamaki City)
Commentary Shin Iwate Daily President. After receiving a bulletin newspaper and the Tokyo-Nippon Shimbun newspaper, I was greeted by Iwate Nippo as the main writer, and made a progressive argument of anti-government and anti-war groups. In 1938, with the comrades resisting the newspaper interference of the banking business people, "Shin Iwate Nippo" (current Iwate Nippo) was launched.
Name Sadayoshi Odajima (Odashima Sadachi)
Real name
Death year 1890-1972
Profession journalist
Birthplace Waka Town (now Kitakami City)
Commentary He has served as president of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, President of Joint News Agency, President of Nippon Shimbun Association, etc. In addition, he founded Japan Shortwave Broadcasting and Japan Education Television, and contributed to the development of private education through the radio and television businesses.
Name Kazuna Kanada (Kinichi Ichini)
Real name
Death year 1883-1940
Profession Businessman
Birthplace Morioka
Commentary Morioka Bank Chief, Morioka Light, Iwa Easy Bus Railway, Morioka Trust, Morioka Savings, Hanamaki Onsen, Hanamaki Electric Railway President, and other related businesses in the prefecture such as transportation, transportation, and electric gas. As the leader of Morioka Council, I realized the invitation of Morioka Transport and Maintenance Line office (old Morioka Railway Administration Bureau), and contributed to the development by promoting the construction of the unestablished lines of Yamada, Kamaishi and Bridge Hall in 1927.
Name Ono Keizo
Real name
Death year 1854-1920
Profession Banker
Birthplace Morioka
Commentary Since becoming a director of the National Bank of Japan in 1890 (1890), the company's shares have been collected, and while being the largest shareholder, the former Iwate Bank was established in 1907, and in 1941 the loans were also made It has grown to surpass the 90th bank. Fuunoh child of Morioka city economic world at that time. It is also famous for supporting the political activities of Hara Hara.
Name Obouchi Interior (Odonai Sadami)
Real name
Death year 1834-1883
Profession State affairs and recruiters
Birthplace Ninohe City
Commentary Organized an association company during the Meiji Restoration and fought as Morioka Shonai's minor divorce, when he was considered to be an enemy in the morning and fell into distress, he helped to manage the consul Higashi Jiro Chusaku in charge of its collection. After retirement, I worked to foster development and development of local industries.
Name Gokokiyoshi
Real name 1882-1961
Death year
Profession Businessman
Birthplace Mizusawa City (now Oshu City)
Commentary Since joining the Mitsubishi joint-stock company, he has lived as a Mitsubishi. Became president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1941. Became an advisor to the Tojo Cabinet. With the progress of the current situation, he was gradually pushed up by strategic leaders and after the war he was accused of war criminals and detained in Sugamo Prison. The accused was clearly released in 1946, but it was expelled from public office until 1951. During this time, he served as the chairman of the Iwate Promotion Association in Tokyo and cooperated with Kokubu Prefectural Government. With the release of the ban, he returned to the business world, but the business world welcomed and pushed forward to the opinion number.
Name Koichi Sato (Koichi Sato)
Real name
Death year 1889-1961
Profession Medical union movement leader
Birthplace Daito-cho (current Ichinoseki City)
Commentary Farmer activist. He played a leading role in industrial associations and agricultural cooperatives throughout the prewar and postwar years, and in particular, he showed leadership in the medical industry union movement. The goal of the medical industry union movement was to focus on the poor farmers as well. Prefectural medical industry union association was established in 1936 (1936) with the aim of eliminating the medical village and acted as general affairs director and managing director. Industrial hospitals were incorporated into the medical administration of the prefecture after the war and became prefectural hospitals. After the war he was active as the first prefectural agricultural cooperative central chairman, and in the last years he was instrumental in establishing a prefectural agriforestry and fisheries group hot spring resort.
Name Sato Kitae (Satohoho)
Real name Shinichi
Death year 1868-1914
Profession Journalist
Birthplace Morioka
Commentary Newspaper people. As a boy, he entered the "Sugasha" of Suzuki Shosei and Ito Keisuke, and became a newspaper reporter at the age of 17. 20 years old and moved to Tokyo. Joined Asahi Shimbun. A well-known editor with the morning sun Hokue. I would like Toki Ishikawa to join and post a critique of the Asahi Kadan on paper. Hokue did not spare much help until he died.
Name Yoshimasa Mita
Real name
Death year 1861-1935
Profession Businessman
Birthplace Morioka
Commentary Learned from Western-style agronomist Tsudasen and learned farm, afforestation and management. Make a beautiful forest around Morioka city and devote to the urbanization of the garden area. Iwate Junior High School was established in 1926. He is also famous as a businessman, trading cement, glass, gunpowder and guns as president of Mita Shoten. With regard to the realization of medical education and Iwate Medical College (now Iwate Medical University) of his younger brother Shunjiro, he served as a power of shadow and also contributed to the municipal administration.
Name Shigeru Murai
Real name
Death year 1821-1873
Profession Businessman
Birthplace Morioka
Commentary The store name of the Morioka Morioka storehouse in the Meiji Restoration period is the "key store". It was forced into bankruptcy due to the "seven thousand two-hundred dedication problem" and the "Oyorizawa Copper Mine case". Those were symbolic events of the transition period from the low government to the prefectural government.
Iwate's Cultural Information Encyclopedia (Iwate's Mine History: Transformation to Modern Mines )
Name Yuji Tanimura
Real name
Death year 1896-1968
Profession Businessman
Birthplace Hanamaki
Commentary Established an Emerging Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Kamata, Tokyo in 1937. Created a printing telegraph to print Japanese on tape, transferred it to Hanamaki after the war, and made a major work to maintain the printing telegraph to restore the National Telegraph Bureau. I am entrusted and will take a leap forward. Completed a 3-page shift page-type Japanese-European teleprinter in 1951 and added a form transmitter, and further developed an automatic sampling machine interlocked with an electronic computer in a technical alliance with the US Western Corporation. Invented kanji teleprinter in 1956 and realized mechanization of newspaper coverage. Meanwhile the House of Councilors second term · LDP President of the Prefectural Government, prefectural government advisor, prefectural management consultation chairperson, etc. His book is "Hakureiso Essay".
Name Yoshikawa Tetsunosuke (Yoshikawa Tsukenosuke)
Real name
Death year 1859-1931
Profession Hokkaido pioneer
Birthplace Mizusawa City (now Oshu City)
Commentary When he was 13 years old in 1871, he joined with Mr. Taika Saemon and joined the Abstinence family, and he went to Hokkaido to settle down at Sapporo Hiragishi at address 39 and follow the reclamation, but Naganuma (Hokkaido Naganuma-cho, 1887) In 1937, the bust of Biei (Zen) was built in front of the town hall. Such a thing was not known to Mizusawa, but it was informed by Mr. Naganuma town history editor's committee, Itoh and Ito, in 1961.