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Tatsubu's son


Once upon a time there was an old man and a grandmother living.

Two children without children were asking God, "Please send them a child." Then my grandmother's knees got swollen. Before long, my knees broke and a big tub (snail) was born. My grandfather and grandmother were so cute that cute tabbs.

One day after a while, Tabub said, "Please attach a fence to a horse," so I did as I said. Then he got his horse and went to the mountains to pick it up. My grandfather and grandmother took great care of the hard work.

One day, Tabub who came back from the mountain said, "I want a bride." The next day, he went to the city's largest merchant house with his three daughters, but he did not say "Please come to my daughter-in-law". Then, the owner of the merchant asked, "What do you want?" So I said, "I have come to ask if there is anyone who will be a dad's daughter and become a tabb's bride". The My husband asked my first daughter. Then the first daughter said, "Anyone who is a man, nothing is stupid". The answer for the second daughter is the same. The third daughter said, "I will go to a bride." My husband was also very happy.

Tatsubu and her daughter became a very good couple. The next year's festival day, I took a souvenir and went home with my wife's parents. The next day, when I was in the mountain with two people, a hawk flew from the sky, added a tab and flew away. As Taka was poking at the shell of the tub, a large and respectable man with a length of six to six, and a dazzlingly lit small disciple came out. The two were happy to make a procession by shaking a small boat and returned to the bride's home. The first and the second daughter who saw it regretted very much, "It was good if I went to the bride."