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Listen to the bill of the demon


In the past, when Morioka was a very lonely place, there was a stone called "Mitsuishi" near Kitayama where it was said that it flew when Iwate volcano erupted.
At one time, a demon named Ratsuki (Ritsuki) came out around here, killing villagers and doing various evils. The villager who could not stand the demon's violent request asked the god of Mitsuishi to defeat the demon. Since God also saw the demon's violentness, I immediately captured Raoni with Shinto power.

God tried to close this demon in the stone, but the demon cried and apologized, and said that he would never go wild. So, God felt sorry and promised that he would never enter this area again, and let him push the bill of the demon on the stone. And I pushed the demon out of this area.

Even after the rain has risen, it seems that a big bill will be visible on this three-stone.

Because of this, I came to call this region "Iwate".