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Listen to black cow (Beko) and red bear


An old man and a grandmother lived in Toyama, on the edge of Morioka. The two had a black cow "shooting star" with a white tail.

One morning, there was no shooting star from the cowshed. At noon of the day, shooting star came home with a tired face. The same is also true the next day.

As the worried grandfather followed the shooting star, how the shooting star was fighting with a big red bear. But it is a draw again. So the grandfather and the grandmother smeared oil on the falling stars. The next morning, meteors fight the bear again. When the bear tried to grab the shooting star's horn, it slipped with oil, the horn pierced the bear's chest, and the bear fell down.

I heard later that the bear was a rough man and a lot of bad bears. The shooting star who defeated the bear was greatly praised by the villagers and was given a lot of food and lived happily.