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Listen to Shirasu water


A long time ago, there was a woodcutter who lived on the banks of Nakatsugawa in Morioka.

When I cut a tree in the depths of the river, I met a white head and a white rose grandfather. "I'm hungry," I said, so when I offered a lunch, I ate with Pelori.

The next day the grandfather will appear again, and this time I will have lunch without greetings. The woodcutter's wife who thought that this grandfather was strange heated the stone which he picked up in Kawahara, put the oil in the place of alcohol in the expanse and brought it to the woodcutter.

Then the grandfather who appeared again eats it and is surprised. When my grandfather, who squirted a fire from his mouth, thought, “Rainfall,” a heavy rain fell immediately. The rain continued to fall for seven days and seven days until the Nakatsugawa finally flooded.

Then at Morioka, when Nakatsugawa flooded, I came to say that "white water came out".