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Hear Hina and Hiroho


In the old days, when the name of Tsukaruishi was not yet found, a monk of a traveling trip came to the village on a cold evening with a winter. There is no villager who can sleep a shabby monk. A poor villager stayed with a monk and had a heartfelt feast. On the next morning, the monk thanked the stone for saying, "This will serve to this village someday." The villager who stayed at the monk thought, "There are so many stones around there ..." and threw stones into the previous river.

When it came to fall in the end, salmon came to the river in front every day. The village elder who thought that this was not the only thing decided to have Shinto worship. Then I said, "I'm Kobo Daishi. I got the stone I thank you for taking care of, and I came up the river with the stone that came to me. It is a stone picked up from the village of

Then the boat went up the river every year and the village became rich. Before long, the village came to be called "Tsugaru-ishi village".