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Listen to the fish's wife


There was an honest fisherman at a certain beach. In the kind-hearted fisherman, too caught fish escaped to the sea.

One day a beautiful young girl came to the fisherman and said, "Please bring me a bride". The fisherman repeatedly says, "I am poor, so I can not afford to bring a person like you to my daughter-in-law," but the daughter does not listen. A fierce fisherman turned his daughter into a wife.

The wife is a hard worker, does not care about poverty, and works well from morning to evening.

In addition, the miso soup that a wife makes is delicious, and a fisherman asks how it is made, but a wife does not answer only because it laughs.

One day a fisherman who wants to know how to make miso soup climbs the ceiling of the kitchen one day. My wife's tine (face) was a person, and the spring (body) was a fish. When I tell her about it, she changes her face color and says, "I am not a person. It is a fish that has been helped by you. I have been attracted to your kindness, but since I was known it was the sea I can only go back to

The next morning, the wife who went to the beach stood on the rock and always stared at the sea. When the fishermen go by, they will hand a hand box saying "I will give you". Then it suddenly got dark and it started to rain. My wife looked back and said, "I wanted to live with you," I returned to the sea. When the fisherman opened the box, it was full of treasures.