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Listen to the boat


Once upon a time, there was a lot of octopus on the beach in Akasaki. Among them was the octopus lord who told the people that the sea was rough because the octopus lord ran over.

There was a poor fisherman's family on the beach, living with a couple and a son. One day, as usual, my father went out fishing. However, fish can not be caught freshly for only that day. When I go home, I suddenly pull a thread. I tried to move it, but it was dragged back to the sea, and two days later my father was launched to the beach. It was the work of the horrible octopus lord.

My son started to go out to the sea every day to get rid of it. However, even after ten days or twenty days, the octopus lord does not appear. My father died and forty-nine days have passed. People around him said, "It will not go to the sea on the 49th," but my son went to the sea without hearing. Finally in the evening of that day, the octopus lord appeared. I put my feet on the edge of my head and attack my son. The son cut the octopus lord with a knife and finally defeated the octopus lord.

Since then, this sea has become a calm sea of salmon, and people came to call this beach "Ashinoura".