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Main production area



The southern section of "Hataya" was awarded to the Emperor and Empress in 1954 and to the Highness of Chichibu Miyaki, and received the gold award at the Iwate Sangyo Festival special product contest in 1987, and is characterized by plants and plants etc. Since it is used as a raw material for dyeing, it is rustic and wild, and it is characterized by plump and no slip.

History / History

During the Edo period, Morioka Sakai was actively woven around the castle by the promotion measures of Morioka Sakai, and in order to revive it as a post-war prefecture industry, we worked on the production of the southern Sakai with the full-scale hand of a silk thread. After that, we became able to weave rattan which dyed various plants such as walnut, hazel tree, and now purple root and the technique is inherited now.

how to use


Main products

・ Fabric: 150,000 yen

・ Tie: 5,500 yen

・ Wallet: 4,500 yen

・ With business card: 2,000 yen

Award calendar

1987 Iwate Industry Festival special product contest gold medal

Manufacturing process

Cotton coating → wrapping processing → spinning → dyeing → pasting → pasting → winding → scouring → dyeing → pasting → pasting → weaving finish

contact information

Southern Saori original Hataya

〒 029-3205

Ichinoseki City Iwate-cho Shitsuji Shincho 11 Iwate Prefecture

TEL 0191-82-2231