Iwate's Textile

Iwate's textile industry was established since the modern period featuring products such as silk fabric "Tsumugi" and wool fabric "Homespun". As sericulture flourished and Tsumugi being the recommended product in this domain, the popularity of Nanbu Tsumugi and Nanbu Chirimen increased rapidly in Edo during the Bunsei period (1818-1830). On the other hand, the production of Homespun began after sheep were imported and raised during the Meiji period.

Iwate's Dye

Shikon (purple gromwell) was known as an important product in the Morioka Domain during the feudal period. Those procured at the foothills of Iwate are known to be excellent products and highly prized for its dyeing and medicinal values. Shikonzome which uses this product became inferior to chemical dye for a certain period of time but it regained its popularity until the present day with the help of the public and private sectors. Other dyeing products such as Akanezome and Katazome are also famous products of Iwate.

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