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Main production area



We make yarn from cultivation of hemp as raw material, dye the plants of persimmon stone and dye it (plant dyeing), and weave the turtle cocoon with a single-stage one-stage machine to make a product. Tortoise shell weave is a fabric that brings out the vivid hexagonal tortoise pattern while entangleing the warp (weft) with the weft.

History / History

Originally considered to be a dedication to the southern area, it is said that the samurai used it regularly. The common people wore to sweat in the wild clothes. The late Kato Kiwa in the town in 1968 (Showa 43) and Mitsue Kato, the first president of the Shisui Shima meeting, remembered after 50 years based on the woven weave of turtle shell woven by Kiwa during her daughterhood. It is a woven fabric that is made by putting together yarns of Ms. Mitsue recruited friends in 1983 if he could not eliminate this technology, and in 1985 he established the Kame Koori Study Group in the Farmer's University, and the Rural Women's Life Improvement Group It was positioned as a part. In 1986 (Showa 61), the cultivation of raw materials Hemp and Karamushi was to be reproduced, with a focus on Mr. Kato who has experience in cultivation. Renamed “Shishikuishi Asakai” in April 1988 and handed down old-fashioned techniques to the present.

Main products

・ Wearing measure: 230,000 yen ...

・ Tobi (Nagoya): 120,000 yen ...

・ Warmth: 20,000 yen ...

-Tapestry: 20,000 yen-

・ Bag: 10,000 yen ...

・ Table center: 3,200 yen ...

-Purse: 2,000 yen ~

・ Pouch: 2,200 yen ...

・ Vase laying: 1,200 yen

・ Meteorite purse

・ Seal case and many others

Product handling shop

Shizukuishi Station yard "Pureo" Morioka Station Marios "brand i" Koiwai Farm "Dongokorokoro" Shizushido Station "Sonishi Anekuko" Aeonhari National Vacation Village "Kukamura Iwate Shop" Shikishi Prince Hotel Hotel Branch (April to 10 Month) Other several places outside the prefecture

Award calendar

The 15th

A breakthrough

Special product competition

Gold Award Winner

The 21st



Silver Award Winner

The 25th



Silver Award Winner

The 26th



Bronze Prize Winner

The 27th



Silver Award Winner

The 28th



Bronze Prize Winner

The 31st

A breakthrough

Special product competition

Iwate Governor Prize Winner


Tohoku Mura Okoshi

Special product competition

Silver Award Winner


Iwate regional specialty crop only one grand prize winner

Manufacturing process

種 Seeding


Hemp sowing


Thinning and finishing

Mid August

Picking up in the water


Nedo (fermented) · Oxo taking

糸 Make yarn simmer 裂 裂 績 へ 績 へ へ 縒 縒 縒 カ カ カ 亀 亀 亀 亀 製品 product 整 → hand-woven → processing

contact information

Shizukuishi Hemp Meeting Representative Ueno Setsuko

〒 020-0543

Iwate-gun Shizukuishimachi Takamaeda 155 Training Center in Iwate Prefecture

TEL 019-692-0122

FAX 019-691-1123