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Main production area



Saki weave has been woven since ancient times as a method of regenerating old cloth. The fabric is thinly split by hand and used as weft yarn, and cotton warp yarn is hung on a loom and woven, and irregular weft stripes in the color of the fabric create a rustic-style rustic style. You can feel the kindness of the old people who cherished old cloth, and the joy of creating new things from each crease from every fold.

History / History

Saki has been woven in various places from before the Meiji era, but disappeared with the development of the textile industry. In honor of the lights of traditional craftsman disappearing, Mr. Odajima of Towa Town (now Hanamaki City) is transferred from one old woman and revived. Currently, at the "Saki Ori Denshokan", which was built in 1990, we are making products and accepting production experiences. (Requires advance reservation)

how to use


Main products

  • Coaster: 315 yen
  • Vase laying: 997 yen ...
  • Handball: 2,100 yen ...
  • Rancho mat: 2,100 yen ...

Award calendar


Manufacturing process

Warping → tearing → weaving → cutting → sewing → boxing

contact information

Saki Ori Den Museum
〒 028-0141
Iwate Prefecture Hanamaki City Towa Town Shimoukita 4 Ward 83-5

Kaori Conference 025-0043
Hanamaki-shi Kamineko-shaped male bird 89-3

Saki weave studio Hagi 〒 025-0014
Hanamaki City Takamatsu 26-35