From Mizusawa (Oshu) through Iwatani-do / An 18-key head across the Taneyama plateau into Kesen district, from Seta rice (Setitai) to Shiroishi (Shiraishi) salmon. The road leading to (Sakari, Ofunato City) is the Mori Highway. It is a highway heading to the coastal area on the Pacific side as a repatriation from the Oshu Highway. In the Edo period, the names such as "Kesen Kaido" and "Esashi Kaido" were used. Suri Kaido played an important role in the trade between the Sanriku coastal area and the inland area. The fishing net of Suizawa as a special product is transported to the sea in the Kesen region, and iron produced actively at the fork of Seta rice from the early Edo period is also a production area of Tadayama (Tameyama, Sawazawa-ku Haneda) Was taken to). Trading was conducted not only with Sendai territory, but also with Morioka territory through the human head and Seta rice.