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It is not clear enough about Abe's origin and political power formation process that expanded in the 11th century and centered on Okuroku-gun. However, it was a fact that he was a government official (in a position to represent the detention office at the residence), and it seems that he himself referred to the "chairman" who was not based on the official position.
In the era of Abe Yoriyoshi (Yoshiyoshi), over the Yinkawa, which was the southern limit of Okuroku-gun, I started the rule of Iwai-gun of the government of the territory, causing friction with Kofu Tagajo. In Nagase 6 (1051), Noritaka Mutsumi Nobuto (Natto) mobilizes the army of Taishige Shigeru (Akira's Taishige) and attacks Abe Yoriyoshi. However, Yorira hit it in Tamazori-gun Onigiribu (Naruko, Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture), and won a major victory, and "The role of nine years ago (All-around)" (the first nine years of the war) started.
In the same year, the Imperial Court appointed Michiyoshi Yoriyoshi (Yoshiyoshi) as Mutsu, and defeated the custom of "Zenkakusen" after the 9th century in Tenki Yuan (1053), and he was also appointed as General of the Defense Ministry, Mr. Abe I will order the suppression. Soon after the arrival of Kunifu, there was a captain, and Ira was forgiven for guilty, and I changed my name to Rei (in time). On the way back to Gionzawa Castle, the eldest son (Saday) of Rei Dori will attack the team and the battle will be resumed.
Yoriyoshi is a member of Toru Abe, who is the northern ruler of Okuroku-gun, and takes control of his request, but after that he struggles with the service forces, saying, “The Battle of the Yellow Sea (Fujisawa Town, Iwate Prefecture) But the situation is disadvantageous, such as losing a great deal. So Yoriyoshi requested Kinohara Takenori of Akita for reinforcements, and Yoriyoshi's army, which joined 10,000 soldiers, turned up at once, and Kouhei 5 (1062), Kurigawa fence (Kyadokawa), Shishido ( Uvado) The role of nine years was over, defeating the missions who stood in the fence (Morioka city).

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