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Kanegasaki-cho Nishine shaped bird sea

Current name

Toriumi fence mark

Terrain and remains

It is located on the Kanegasaki terrace on the north shore of Giruzawa River, overlooking the Giwazawa Castle to the south. The elevation is a flat area of about 60 meters, about 300 meters east to west, about 150 meters north to south, there are a number of small valleys around the area, and some empty moats are recognized. As a result of the excavation survey, the ruins of a dugout pillar (shrink and shabby), a pit dwelling, a burnt earth remains, etc. have been found.


Toriumi fence is one of Abe's main castles, and he was protected by Abe's younger brother, Shinsuke (Muneto, Torikai Saburo). According to Miku Sekigo, the general general who won the role of the previous nineteen years, the battle of Igawa and jumped to the north at once, "Yoriyoshi Minamoto said: "I got to enter this for the first time today." (I heard the name of the Chokai fence, but I could not even see it in the past. I was able to enter the castle for the first time today.) It represents that it was.


About 10 minutes by car from Kanegasaki Station