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Ozawa-shi Maezawa-ku, swan-shaped swan cage

Current name

Shiranagi ruins

Terrain and remains

The Kitakami River winds up and is located at the end of the scraped remaining hill. It is long from north to south, sticking out to the Kitakami River, and there are Honmaru, Ninomaru, and Sanomaru, but 2/3 of the Honmaru is destroyed, and the Ninomaru is relatively well-retained, enshrining Hakusan Shrine. It is about 28 meters above sea level, and a large open moat remains between it and Honmaru. The Sannomaru is called Guo in the south and is also known as a back building, and a private house is now built. Honmaru is estimated to be 300 meters north to south and 40 meters east to west.


It is reported that Hachiro Yukito, or his son, who was Abe's younger brother, was present in the past nine years . There is also a theory that Mr. Yamana lived in the early Middle Ages, but there is no conviction, and it is believed that in the late Middle Ages, Mr. Shiratori was seen as a castle. Excavation was conducted in 2004.


About 5 minutes by car from Tohoku Road Hiraizumi Maezawa IC