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Shizukuishimachi Shimomachi East

Current name

Soseki (drop stone) castle ruins

Terrain and remains

Located at the tip of the plateau near the center of the Soseki Basin, which is a key point of transportation to Dewa-ku, Sakai Ishikawa in the south and Ebisawagawa river in the north. The elevation is about 200 meters, and the relative height to the lowland is about 10 meters. Guo, which is connected to the east and west, is said to be Honmaru, Ninomaru, and Sanomaru from the east, followed by the west. About 300 meters in the east and west and about 100 meters in the north and south, urbanization is progressing. Honmaru is about 90 meters east to west, about 60 meters north to south, 6 to 12 meters wide, and 2 to 5 meters deep, Yakukenbori still remains, and it celebrates the Hachimangu shrine of Shiba.


It is believed that the construction of the castle was built around the age of 198 (King) by Shizukuishi and Shizushishi as a base in the south asia, during the South- North morning . Behind the Akita-Senboku region, where the power of Drupetsu Tozawa was covered, acted with the South and others, and at that time the northern morning of Takamizudera Castle (now Shiba Town Shiroyama Park) In order to face Mr. Shiba, we received the guardian of the guardian deity, Kitanobu Akinobu (Kitabata Akinobu). It is said that the castle of Konshin is five years from Shohei (1346). After that, the main stream of Toruishi Tozawa moved to Kakunodate (there are various theories), and in the 16th century, the castle owner Tozawa (in one thesis, Tezuka) confronts the south. Mr. Tozawa was defeated by Mr. Nambu in the war of Astronomy 9 (1540), but in the post-war confusion, Mr. Shiba replaced Dr. Shibari in his hand and took over Shizukuishi for three generations. It is said that "droplet" was changed to "meteorite" at this time. However, Mr. Soseki (Shiba) also left the history of "Yoshi" and lost to Mr. Nambu in 1586 (1586), and the castle was destroyed in 1592 (1592).


About 5 minutes by car from Shizukuishi Station