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Yado town Nishitokuda

Current name

Tokutan castle ruins

Terrain and remains

Located on the lower terrace of the west coast of the Kitakami River, one side of the square is about 350 meters smaller than Izawa Castle (about 670 meters) and Shiha Castle (about 840 meters short). The outer shell is surrounded by a 30 to 40 cm thick log, and it seems that there were ridges every 70 meters. There are gates on the east, west, north and south of the outer wall, the north and south gates in the center, and the east and west gates in the north. The south gate, which is the front, is located in the Tokuda Shrine grounds, and there is a high possibility that the eight-leg gate made of logs with a diameter of 45 cm or more was rubble. The inner castle in the center of the castle is located slightly north of the center, about 80 meters on a side. It is believed that the main hall is a south-facing east-west wing with a size of 14.57 meters east-west and 5.91 meters north-south.
It is adjacent to the south of town Tokuda Elementary School and National highway No. 4 runs through the castle ruins now.


Shihwa Castle (Kawajo, now Morioka City), which served as the forefront base of the Imperial Court, was forced to be relocated by Hashikawa's ら ん (Hanran) etc.・ It is thought that the conquest general Fumonari Wata Maro, who oversaw the formation of the mosque, started construction in around 3 years of Hirohito (812). Since the name of Tokutan Castle is seen along with Gorizawa Castle (Isawajo) in the official sign of Hirohito 6 (815) and Shiwa Castle has disappeared, it was completed by around 5 (81) It is thought. It became a national designated historic site in 1944, and the Yahata Town Museum of History and Folklore is maintained on the adjacent site.


It is approximately five minutes by car from Yadori Station