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Shinami-cho Nikamachi Jukokan

Current name

Shiroyama Park

Terrain and remains

It is located on a terrace on the right bank of the Kitakami River, with a maximum elevation of about 180 meters. The scale ranges from 550 meters east to west 700 meters north-south, followed by the "Kyoteikan" in the south-west, and the "West" in the west. For "Shiwa Army Senki", "The castle of Shiwa is in front of Kitakami River and is Okawa. After that, there is also an Ohori where the king of kings also dwells in Shenzhen on the left and right of Fukahori. It is written that it is a castle that can be used for a long time.
The top of the main circle (Goten) is 60 meters east to west 60 meters north to south, and the Ninomaru is 50 meters east to west 100 meters north to south. Each row is followed by a step-like waist. Although the main moats and the moats of the moat and the moat have been modified and have many unknown points, except for the eastern side of the cliff, double and triple ridges remain from the middle to the bottom of the mountain.


The name of the Takamizudera castle is said to be the fact that the Shiba region's old burial mound (Kosatsu) and Takamizudera listed in "Azumagukagira" is a part of the temple, but it is Kenmu It starts with the fact that Takeshi Ashikaga (Ashaga Takaji) made his first son and patriarch (Oenaga) downward as Oshu administration in 2 (1335) in an effort to expand the power of the north morning. It is said. Mr. Shiba said that his eldest son, Mr. Taishi Ashikaga (four generations before Asuka Yasuji and Mr. Tsuyoshi), descended to Mikukuni Shiba-gun, and he was named in Shiga and was named after Shiga. It is highly probable that he had ruled by his vassals until the high school, and it was estimated that he built the independent castle after the patriarch. Mr. Shiba, who is also known as Mr. Hosokawa and Mr. Kiriyama, as a master of the Muromachi Shogunate, is a family of Mr. Ashikaga, and Takanaketsu continued to perform military merits such as avenging Nitta Yoshitsugu according to Mr. Tsuyoshi and served as guardians of Echizen and Wakasa.
Mr. Shiba after the patriarch ruled 66 villages such as Shiwa-gun and eastern part of Hanamaki-shi, and in the first year of Onaga (1521) and Astronomical year 6 (1537), he engaged with Mr. Nambu to capture Iwate-gun. ing. Mr. Shiba who made the most of the prosperity is called "Samba Palace", and in the age of Akitaka, the second son is a stone, and the third son is a man and he is said to be "Sanshosho." However, the south-going policy in the south of Sannoe intensified the confrontational conflict, and was defeated by the capture of the southern part Nobunaga at the time of Tenshin 16 (1588) Iwashimizu Ukyo.
Nanbu Nobunobu changed Takamizu Temple Castle to Koriyama Castle, and appointed Nakano Yasumi (Jo Nakano Azusa) as the castle generation, and Koriyama became the center of Kuniharu. It became a castle for ten years of southern Honon on the occasion of Morioka castle construction castle, but it is reported that Kanbun (Kanbu) 7 years (1667) became an abandoned castle and old wood was used for Morioka Castle Honmaru .
It became the Ono Tachijo of Emperor Showa who visited Army exercises in 1955, and it is the beginning that planted cherry blossoms on the whole mountain and the road side in commemoration and continued planting after that, it is known as a cherry blossom famous place now There is.


About 10 minutes by car from Shinami Central Station