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In the year of Onaga 2 (1522), Date Shinshu was appointed as a guardian of the country. This shows that the Oshu questioning system collapsed, and the order with Osaki at the top became a thing of the past.
In Nanukanobu District, Hachinohe Nanbu, who is the descendant of Masanaga who is the descendant of Masanaga in the Nanboku period, took over the job of Shobu-gun, but it has both the collapse and fate of the South morning, ahead of Muroyuki's descendant, Mr. Sanno, who is a descendant of Muromachi Shogunate side, Mr. Ms. Nando takes the lead, and Ichiryu's (Ichinohe), Hachinohe, Kuno's (Kuno's) rate It is thought that it was. The southern Hikosaburo in the Sannohe southern part of the 12th Shogun, Yoshiharu Ashikaga (1539), is biased by the 12th Shogun, Yoshiharu Ashikaga (Henki, Shogun and Daimyo give a name to a veterinarian whose achievement was successful) From the time he came to honor and named "Harumasa," he quickly developed powers and became the best commander of this area, both in name and reality.
Such trends are also seen in Kuchinohe. Entered Nichinohe from Kubota Kumanokan (Kuchinomura) which is the place of the surname, built Kuchinoh Castle, and through marriage, Johoji Temple, Hachinohe tribe Nitta, Nichinohe, Shichinohi By linking with Mr. Kuji and others in Kuji-gun, we will expand the power to the level of Nanbe Sanno. In the national and national enumerations written in the age of the 13th Shogun, Yoshiteru Ashikaga, along with Mr. Shaanxi, the southern part of Daisuke (probably the fine rule of Sanjo, Sannobe), Goro Kuchinohe ( It has grown to the point where it is lined up with what is considered to be Masanari.

On the other hand, Mr. Shiba of Shiwa (Wrinkle) County, which was called "Shiba Gosho", thinks that he has maintained a certain power even after the fall of Oshu. You Mr. Kasai in the south of Iwate Prefecture also kept its power. Mr. Shaanxi's martyrdom in the first half of the 16th century is Muneyoshi. I am a child of I.Gakumune (Nammun), and when I join Mr. Kasai, I will plan for active control area expansion. Haruse (Harushige), who is the son of Soukei, joins the trace of Soksei, but it is Mr. Haruta of the son of Datenune (Tanemune), who succeeded to the family director next to Harue, and Mr. Date It is possible that the influence was strengthened. When it comes to the age of Harunobu, Harunobu's son, we will get closer to Date Masamune. At the time, Masamune was obedient to Mr. Osaki and attacked by Mr. Soma, who also defeated Mr. Haruna and obtained Aizu. Harunobu, who came under Mr. Date, sent reinforcements to these battles and assisted him.
On the other hand, after the Haruyuki Nambu, and Haru Tsugura of Hariko, after passing through a twist and turns, the Nobuna Nanbu who succeeds the governor of Mito will attempt to approach Toyotomi Hideyoshi through the Maeda Toshiie. Along with obtaining permission from Hideyoshi from Hideyoshi in 1587 (1587), we will obtain information on Oshu's status, which will be realized in 1590, from Toshiie. At this point, the Toyotomi administration has authorized Nobunao as a daimyo, and Mr. Kuchinohe and others have been treated as family members.
Nobunaga, who advanced to the south in the Tensho 16 (1588) year, destroyed Mr. Shiba of the Takamizudera Castle and acquired the Iwate-Shiwa two counties. This gave a great impact on Mr. Waga, Mr. Waga, Mr. Hyanuki, Mr. Asanuma and others who had a close relationship with Mr. Shiba.

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