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Morioka city circle

Current name

Iwate Park

Terrain and remains

The former Kitakami River (Kitakami Furukawa) curved and flowed around the city garden, and joined the Nakatsu River immediately below the lower bridge. Morioka Castle is built on the erosion terrace of this junction. The castle is surrounded by two rivers, a moat inside the castle (in Iwate Park ground and a pond in front of Iwate Nipposha, etc.), an outer circling ring where Jyunjin lives, and an outer circling ring outside of it. Was protected by The scale ranges from 1,100 meters east to west and 1,300 meters north to south. The core of the castle is 143 meters high and 20 meters high.
Onjochi is made up of Honmaru, Ninomaru and Sanomaru, each of which is divided by Ishigaki using granite from Morioka. Honmaru is located at the southern end, 70 meters east to west, 55 meters north to south, and has a three-tiered tower. The Ninomaru is located on the north side of the Honmaru, 90 meters east to west, 55 meters north to south, and the Sanomaru further north to 80 meters east to west 45 meters north to south.


The construction of the castle was started by Keicho 3 (1598), and completed by the southern part Nobunao, and the completion was assumed to be Kanaga 10 years (1633) after Toshinao and Shigetoshi (Shinao). Ru.
Mr. Nambu begins with Mitsuyuki, who has taken control of Nango, Kai Country (now Yamanashi Prefecture), and five districts of Nukanobu in Nadanobu (Aomori Prefecture) in the first year of Cekihisa (1219) The southern part of Iwate Prefecture) was given and joined. Based in Sannojo Castle, the family was ruled out, and belonged to the south assy during the north-south morning , and progressed to the south in the late Muromachi era to capture the present Iwate and Shinami counties. Tensei 18 (1592) by Toyotomi Hideyoshi formally given the three districts of Iwate, Shiha and Kananuki (Henuki = Hanamaki City), and the territory spread to the south, and it is the castle of Kunohisa Masami (Kunasazane) Moved to the base of Fukuoka Castle (renamed Kutojo Castle ), and built it in the land of Kojikata by the recommendation of Gamo Ushisato and Asano Nagamasa. I made up my mind. This is Morioka Castle.
It is said that Mr. Nanbu moved from Fukuoka Castle to Morioka Castle during the Motowa year (1615-1623), but there was falling of Ishigaki due to frequent floods, and Koriyama, who temporarily remodeled Shimizu's castle and Takamizudera Castle, After moving to the castle, etc., Morioka Castle was completed in heavy duty.
Since then, it has been the center of Morioka Yasumasa until the Meiji era, but the buildings in the castle were destroyed in 1874, and only parts of Ishigaki and Mizuhori remained. It became a national designated historic site in 1929 and retains the remnants of "Tohoku 3 great castles" now.


About 10 minutes by car from Morioka Station