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Introduction of cooking

It is deliciously cooked in a sweet potato style, with the rice grains being softly cooked while replacing water with water and seasoning.


(10 servings) Battered grains ... 2 cups, dried shiitake mushrooms ... 5 pieces, sugar ... 2 tablespoons, soy sauce ... cups 2

How to make

1. Put oyster grains in water overnight.

2. The dried shiitake is drained with water and chopped.

3. After mashed grains are washed 2-3 times, put in a pot with water (4 cups) and simmer for an hour and a half on medium heat.

4. Rinse out the broth, add water, simmer for an additional hour, add sodium bicarbonate and simmer for about 30 minutes.

5. Discard the broth, add 3 cups of water, add shiitake mushroom, sugar, soy sauce, mirin and Takanoshome, and simmer until no more than 1 hour.

【When using pressure cooker】

1. Put oyster grains in water overnight.

2. The dried shiitake is drained with water and chopped.

3. Put all ingredients in a pressure cooker (do not use baking soda) and cook on fire. Heating time (low heat) 30 minutes, steaming time 10 minutes.

4. When the pressure cooker cools, transfer it to a regular cooker and cook on high heat for about 30 minutes. Stir well and boil until the soup is gone.

Cooking point

1. Make firm crumbs firm enough for eating.

2. Use baking soda to simmer the oyster grains gently in a common pot.

3. It is convenient to use a pressure cooker because it cooks for a long time.

4. If you eat warm boiled rice in a boil style, you will have a good appetite. He is also liked as a friend of hot water and cold.

5. Storage period is possible for one month with a refrigerator.

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Explanation It can be done in a short time by using a pressure cooker, but usually it takes 2 hours to use the cooker.