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Certification year


Type of certification

Specialty products

Main area


Introduction of cooking

As a fondue, as a material of the turret, as an item of hors d'oeuvre.


Lactic acid bacteria, milk, curdling enzyme, salt, no additives used

How to make

1. Milk sterilization at 68 degrees, final temperature 65 degrees for 30 minutes

2. Starter addition, lactic acid fermentation CH 1 1,500cc O-180 1,500cc

3. Addition of rennet 10g to 200 liters

4. Cut the curd into pieces, stir and heat 6mm square cut 2 hours stir

5. Whey removal 1/2 whey-off-1 hour after all off

6. Squeeze squeeze

7. Salting 100kg / 180g after salting moulding

8. Aging 3 days after emulsion coating 1 week after wax coating

Yukio Ito's "ripening type cheese"

Store's name

Place 11-32-2 Osakocho, Hanamaki City

Telephone 0198-48-2760

HP address http://www.ohasama-asta.com/

Opening hours April-November 9:00 to 18:00
December to March 9:00 to 17:30

Regular holiday December 31 afternoon-January 3

Explanation Aging type 100g 350-450 yen, Fresh type 100g 350 yen ...

Store Name Milk Studio Bon Deer

Place 11-39-4, Osakocho, Hanamaki City

Telephone 0198-48-2771

FAX 0198-48-2771

Opening hours 10: 00-18: 00

Explanation Aging type 100g 350-450 yen, Fresh type 100g 350 yen ...