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Type of certification

New local food

Main area


Introduction of cooking

It is a hamburger using minced fish meat so that it can be eaten by children of the fish.


a. (6 servings for 3 servings) Seasonal fish ... 250 g (salmon, tangago, salmon, riverfish, persimmon etc), handmade miso ... 大匙 1, milk ... 100 g (may be skimmed milk), rooted ginger ... 25 g, starched starch ... Small boat 2

b. (dried) shiitake mushroom ... 3 pieces, green pepper ... 1 piece, onion ... 1/2 piece (medium), soy ... 1/3 cup, salad oil

How to make

1. Soak the soybeans overnight in water, boil quickly and put in a mixer.

Chop 2.b ingredients.

3. Put the ingredients in a into a mixer, slide in a bowl to make them smooth again, mix the ingredients 2 and make them into a size of about 100 g, round and cook in a frying pan etc.

4. Serve seasonal vegetables, fruits, etc.

Cooking point

1. I thought about the device of the fish roasting body as a method of taking in calcium and protein by utilizing the in-house product to children who dislike fish.

2. By using soy, the light taste of soy complements fish meat.

3. Raw material fish is processed while fresh from the beach.

4. The ingredients are smoothed by remixing in a mortar after the mixer.