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There are 6 kinds of pickled plum pickles, kimchi pickles, green onions pickles, soy sauce pickles, sweet pickles pickles, and miso pickles. No coloring or preservatives are used. With the thought of "Be strong, live long, and be happy," I named it Sengoku Elder.


Chorogi uses salted ones.
1 If you want to use immediately, use 7% salted for 2 to 3 days without salt for 3 hours.
2 For long-term storage, use 15 to 20% of salted one day without salt.
【Pickled plum vinegar】
Chorogi ... 1 kg, plum vinegar ... 220 cc, sugar ... 100 g, beet juice ... 200 cc
【Simmered soy sauce】
Chorogi ... 1 kg, soy sauce ... 500 cc, sugar ... 100 g, red pepper ... some [sweet and pickled]
Chorogi ... 1 kg, sugar ... 130 g, vinegar ... 30 cc, salt ... 1 teaspoon, water ... 750 cc
【Simmered vegetables】
Chorogi ... 1kg, bracken ... 330g, butterbur ... 330g, bamboo eel ... 330g, soy sauce ... 1 liter, sugar ... 200g, red pepper ... a little bit [miso marinated]
Chorogi ... 1 kg, miso ... 200 g, sugar ... 30 g
【Kimchi pickles】
Chorogi ... 1 kg, kimchi ingredients ... 170 g

How to make

【Pickled plum vinegar】

1. Put ume vinegar, sugar and beet's simmer in a barrel and dip chologi into it.

【Simmered soy sauce】

1. Put soy sauce and sugar in a pot, simmer and let cool.

2. Put 1 in a barrel and dip chologi into it.

【Sweet pickles】

1. Put water, sugar, vinegar and salt in a barrel and dip chowolgi into it.

【Simmered vegetables】

1. Remove the salted bracken, wipe and cut the bamboo shoots to a length of about 3 cm.

2. Put soy sauce and sugar in a pan and let cool.

3. Put chologi and green onions in a barrel, pour 2 seasonings and pickle.

【Miso pickles】

1. Mix the miso and sugar well and pick it up.

【Kimchi pickles】

1. Put cho-ro-gi into the base of kimchi, pick it up and drop it.

Cooking point

1. Because Chorogi has a strong texture, it is treated with citric acid etc. when it is dipped.

2. Cultivate beet and color it with the soup to make the pickled plum vinegar clear red. (No coloring is used.)

3. Choroki knows that it has medicinal effects on brain activation (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Associate Professor Yamahara) and devises a cooking method. (Salad etc)

"Senjin Elder Ki" of the meeting pickle processing group of blue tree housewife

Sales form Seasonal November to April Yu-pack, order sale

Contact Representative Representative Shizuko Ogasawara Telephone 0193-57-2005 (FAX)

Store's name

Place Kamaishi City Hashinocho 2-38 (blue tree)

Business day / Business hours Every Saturday from May to December, Sunday 8:30 to 17:00

Description 90 g of 330 yen, gift-giving set 2,100 yen (6 types of plum vinegar, sweet vinegar, miso, soy sauce, kimchi, wild vegetables)

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