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traditional Cousine

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Introduction of cooking

A traditional Nishiwaga-style home-cooked dish slowly simmered with chilled daikon radish and sansai, preserved Takano tofu and short herring, kelp and so on.


(5 people) Frozen daikon radish ... 50g, bamboo shoots ... 400g, Shini to Shino ... 300g, Takano Tofu ... 50g, carrots ... 150g, Maiko ... 100g, konbu ... 300g, konjac ... 1 condiment Seasoning soup stock ... 500 cc, cooking alcohol ... 100 cc, soy sauce ... 50 cc, salt ... 1 teaspoon

How to make

【How to make frozen ice】

Wash the daikon radish stored in the soil at the coldest time of January, clean it into two, and hang it under the eaves to dry it through the string. By exposing to cold wind, white radish can be made white.

2. Freeze radish for 2 hours in boiling water. Then I squeeze it well and cut it to a thickness of 5 mm.

3. Boil and wipe the skin, soak in water overnight and remove moisture.

4. Polish herring bones. Add to rice soup overnight and boil once and discard the juice.

5. Boil the mackerel into a colander and pour cold water over it. Carrots are prepared for round slices. Clean the kelp and make it into the kelp. The konjak is in the torsion konjak.

6. Bamboo shoots are boiled in rice broth and soaked in water overnight. Put Takano tofu in water and cut into four.

7. Put 500cc of miso soup in a large pot, add ingredients such as frozen daikon radish, bamboo shoots, Japanese butterbur, Takano tofu, and simmer over low heat. When the ingredients are soft, season with salt and soy sauce.

Cooking point

1. Freeze the daikon radish in boiling water and soften it. Correct the preparation of each material.

2. Frozen food can still be eaten at home.

Takahashi Kyoko's "Boiled frozen daikon radish"

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