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Type of certification

New local food

Main area


Introduction of cooking

It is marinade using the currant onion of Ichinoseki special product.


(4 servings) green onion ... 6 pieces, salad oil, vinegar ... 2 tablespoons each, A (three slices of lemon, salt ... some white wine ... cup 1/2), garnish (purple cabbage 150g, salad oil, salt) A little sugar)

How to make

1. Cut green and white pieces of green onion each 7 cm long.

2. Put water cup 1 and A in a pot and cook on fire.

When 3.2 is simmered, add 1 onion, simmer until soft on medium heat and stop the fire.

4. Put salad oil and vinegar in a bowl, mix well with a whisk, add to 3 and cool.

5. Chop the purple cabbage of garnish and wash it quickly with water and drain thoroughly.

6. Heat the frying pan to add salad oil, add 5 and cook quickly. When it gets cold, add sugar and salt, and add onions to a bowl.

Cooking point

1. Boil it over medium heat to bring out the high sugar content and mellow sweetness that is the feature of "Kurinegi".